Swimming in an ever changing world

A few haiku about impermanence.


Rainbow weather
Half expecting snow,
Because sunshine welcomes rain,
What season is it?


Stepping onto ground,
The earth welcomes me back home,
Ready to try again.


Spring time aromatherapy
Geranium flows,
Rose plays on the air lightly,
Uplifting my spirits.

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Training the Stuck Mind

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Stuck in time

We talk forever of round in circles,
Everything spirals,
There is no control,
Just fantasy,
We don’t even govern the speed,
Or direction,
This ‘life’ of ours flows on,
In chaos,
We talk of forever,
We talk of never,
The shield never leaves us,
Still we scream for protection,
A silent noise,
These aggressive demons are our own,
Yes born from another time,
But we still hold their collars,
As they bark and growl,
We’ve watered and fed them,
Raised them to monsters,
To insurmountable fear,
They growl at us never,
We spiral round in circles,
The same.

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Training through failure


She smiles with unconditional acceptance,
With kindness,
With ease,
These fumbles and failures,
They’re not lined with disease,
Just the careful stepping stones to greater wisdom,
…so pause,
Let it flow through you,
Embrace it,
Don’t run,
And most importantly,
Remember after every false start,
To smile with kindness,
And always keep a joyful heart.

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Sunlight: Waking up

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The apple tree whispers in the sunlight,
The pigeons coo and play,
The house rests quiet and motionless,
Another cool summer’s day.


A little sad child sat down cross-legged,
And opened a shining yellow box,
Sunlight shot out and made her forget,
Forget what the darkness looked like,
She smiled and she danced,
And her future sang back,
And she knew that all was possible.


One small step
I sat for just a moment in silence,
In sunlight,
In meditation,
I closed my eyes,
And took a breath.

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Painting Loss with a Pen

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Painting Loss with a Pen

I’ve traded my pen for a paintbrush,

Cashed in this ink for the splash of acrylic,

Words have not been enough,

Enough to contain the winter,

The writer,

Growth is change,

And with change I’ve grown,

Or is a regression to colours and glue just that?

An infant at the canvas,

Muddy feet and messy finger tips,

We’ve been playing in the sand again,

Running through grassy fields,

In our mind the air is sharp,

Sharp and wake-making,

We’re still dizzy,

Dizzy on dharma and dreams,

Adulthood with the sprinkles of youth,

Youth! That thing which begot this blog,

We’re still us,

Still slipping through mud,

Whilst sliding through rainbows,

Words still capture



We’re happy to let this mess stay,


These unrhymed lines,

These twists,


Abrupt endings.


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A week of change

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Autumn Ambivalence

Autumn sweeps us up,

Like dead leaves on the pavement,

We rejoice at freedom from this cold ground,

We shiver and smile,

Embrace the chill,

On the surface,

Deeper down,

 We long for sunlight,

For the warm nights,

For the sticky heat,

And sweat-drenched clothes,

The smell of summer is not the sprinkle of flowers,

But of perspiration and humidity,

On reflection,

After a pause,

Perhaps deeper down we sigh,

Breath out,

Breath in,

Give autumn a chance.

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Winter Service  

They shed their skin,

Their colour,

Bleach themselves,

Chestnut brown,

A pleasing sight for the gods of nature,

For mother earth,

A gust of wind,

A fallen leaf,

A sacrifice.










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