The End of the Holiday

Golden light sprinkles on the apple tree

Raindrops still fall,
And collard doves still call,
Winter plays on,
The decorations drop down,
The hum of laughter,
Flows out,
The festive melodies,
Drown out,
The wind blows away seasonal cheer,
Resolutions are set,
And the order reset,
To begin a new year.

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Taking small steps towards change

A Careful Inch

An inch,
We’ve moved an inch,
Better than standing still,
Better than spinning in circles,
A tentative, timid inch,
We’ve proved that we can walk,
We’ve shown ourselves,
Convinced ourselves,
That one day we could learn to fly,
Because we’ve moved an inch,
Which is better than standing still,
Better than those dizzying circles,
A tentative, timid inch.

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Swimming in an ever changing world

A few haiku about impermanence.


Rainbow weather
Half expecting snow,
Because sunshine welcomes rain,
What season is it?


Stepping onto ground,
The earth welcomes me back home,
Ready to try again.


Spring time aromatherapy
Geranium flows,
Rose plays on the air lightly,
Uplifting my spirits.

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Training the Stuck Mind

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Stuck in time

We talk forever of round in circles,
Everything spirals,
There is no control,
Just fantasy,
We don’t even govern the speed,
Or direction,
This ‘life’ of ours flows on,
In chaos,
We talk of forever,
We talk of never,
The shield never leaves us,
Still we scream for protection,
A silent noise,
These aggressive demons are our own,
Yes born from another time,
But we still hold their collars,
As they bark and growl,
We’ve watered and fed them,
Raised them to monsters,
To insurmountable fear,
They growl at us never,
We spiral round in circles,
The same.

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Training through failure


She smiles with unconditional acceptance,
With kindness,
With ease,
These fumbles and failures,
They’re not lined with disease,
Just the careful stepping stones to greater wisdom,
…so pause,
Let it flow through you,
Embrace it,
Don’t run,
And most importantly,
Remember after every false start,
To smile with kindness,
And always keep a joyful heart.

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Sunlight: Waking up

Image result for public domain free images sunlight


The apple tree whispers in the sunlight,
The pigeons coo and play,
The house rests quiet and motionless,
Another cool summer’s day.


A little sad child sat down cross-legged,
And opened a shining yellow box,
Sunlight shot out and made her forget,
Forget what the darkness looked like,
She smiled and she danced,
And her future sang back,
And she knew that all was possible.


One small step
I sat for just a moment in silence,
In sunlight,
In meditation,
I closed my eyes,
And took a breath.

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