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Today I am grateful for…

Today my pet hamster died. I loved her and am grateful for the time we had together. That may sound silly; an adult having a strong emotional connection with an animal usually considered to be a child’s pet. Though she … Continue reading

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Death on the first day of spring: A reflection on mindfulness and compassion

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about compassion and mindfulness. I’ve found that mindfulness is a great tool for helping to cultivate compassion. Being fully aware of the textures, tastes, odours and colours of the world has I believe … Continue reading

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The fruits of procrastination

Okay, this week I’ve decided to write a more light-hearted entry.  I’ve had a pretty challenging week and have an equally challenging week to come, filled with all the assessment centres and hoop-jumping which will probably be familiar to all … Continue reading

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We’re all dying, he’s just maybe dying faster: Haiku’s on impermanence and the life cycle

On the way to meditation this week I had a long , uncomfortable conversation with a homeless, alcoholic man, who’d, by the shade of his rosy cheeks and the drawl of his voice, drank way past the governments recommended daily alcohol … Continue reading

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Crying Syrians, the clumsy barista and the man in black

On the weekend just passed I witnessed three things. I witnessed tragic news footage from Syria, I witnessed a nervous barista in my local coffee shop drop a tray full of cups and saucers and a sad-looking, slim man draped in a … Continue reading

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