A week of change

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Autumn Ambivalence

Autumn sweeps us up,

Like dead leaves on the pavement,

We rejoice at freedom from this cold ground,

We shiver and smile,

Embrace the chill,

On the surface,

Deeper down,

 We long for sunlight,

For the warm nights,

For the sticky heat,

And sweat-drenched clothes,

The smell of summer is not the sprinkle of flowers,

But of perspiration and humidity,

On reflection,

After a pause,

Perhaps deeper down we sigh,

Breath out,

Breath in,

Give autumn a chance.

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Winter Service  

They shed their skin,

Their colour,

Bleach themselves,

Chestnut brown,

A pleasing sight for the gods of nature,

For mother earth,

A gust of wind,

A fallen leaf,

A sacrifice.










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