To Stop Dreaming

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To stop dreaming

She dropped the rag,
Threw in the towel,
Hoisted up that white flag,
Lay down a head on the pillow,
Breathed out…
And held it
A tired sun drifts down,
A smile drops,
A blue sky grows cloudy,
The farmer leaves his crops,
With muscles too weak to fight,
Resignation hidden just out of sight,
Losing oxygen,
Losing balance,
On the brink,
Fists balled in anger,
For a moment,
For an eye blink,
The warmth of anxiety,
The cool breeze of numbness,
A bloodied towel on the floor,
A painting of suffering,
Of the fight,
A heavy head,
Just out of sight,
Shallow breath,
Body led,
We’re holding,
Onto air,
Spirit slain,
Onto silence,
To start again.

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