A short introduction

I’m a twenty-something in the midst of what seems to be a quarterlife /existential crisis and this is my poetry. It is mostly inspired by observations, experiences and the fumbles and failures which dominate the beginning of adult life. I take the view that inspiration, understanding and insight may come from many different sources, my main being Buddhism and nature and what most consider to be the mundane aspects of everyday 21st century city life.
               My style is a touch chaotic, reflecting my thought patterns and the way the pieces are read aloud. Being the ever-changing human that I am, my poetry ranges from merry to maudlin, with most resting in the middle being quite reflective.
               Though at times a little introspective and a bit of an acquired taste , my work is first and foremost an exploration of the human condition and so I hope that some pieces inspire you, make you view the world differently, or at the very least you recognise a bit of yourself and your humanity in them.
               If you enjoy my work then ‘Follow’ me, if not, I bid you adieu.

3 Responses to A short introduction

  1. Nick Green says:

    Thank you for your like and your follow, i appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

  2. Hello,I have nominated your blog for the blogger award.Please click on http://quotesofbuddha.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/blogger-award-nominations/ to know more.

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