A world where winter lasts an eternity: Svalbard

This week’s poems were inspired by a nature documentary on the animals and landscape of Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole. I hope that you enjoy them!


Long winter shinning,

Horizon, bleak, cold, sea birds,

Enjoy arctic feast.

Arctic Fox

Nomadic winter beasts,

Infants of a sunless plaine,

Waiting sunlight’s smile.

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New Year, Old Challenges

Trying to rekindle an abandoned fire

They tell me to write about a colour,

Make it red,

Express your feelings,

Fill in the blanks,


That is the task,

To use colour to create,

But we’re not painting,

Not sweeping brush strokes against that familiar canvas,

We’re meant to look out at the expansive landscape,

And create!

Find energy and inspiration there,


But the sun has gone down and there is darkness,

Not a gloomy blackness,

Just the absence of light,

Of energy,

And that’s okay,

They say it takes time,

To learn to love what you once loved,

Not patient waiting,

Time and effort,

Like pushing that boulder up the hill,

And so tentatively I fill in the blanks,

In the excited hope,

That an infant’s scrawl on a page,

Will slowly become what it was before.

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January Haiku

The month of January is almost at an end! It seems that time has flown by since January the 1st. I’ve penned a few haiku to describe some of the happenings from my first month of the year. I hope that you enjoy them!

Pigeon on an Apple tree

These confused babies,

Silently eating bird feed,

Brighten up winter.


Health Scare

Last week rains tears fell,

Trapped under gloomy clouds,

Broken by sunlight.


Reclaiming Life

Taking ownership,

Each moment my creation,

Mine to untangle.

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New Year, New Resolutions

I thought I’d write a short poem to welcome in the New Year. I hope that you enjoy!


This Time of Change


Cold ice lines the ground,

A bed for fresh dreams,

For new discoveries,

This time of change,

We stand carving hopes,

Scribbling intentions onto snowflakes,

Proclaiming that this will be the year,

The moment,

The event,

We pull down the flag of surrender,

Wipe aside the cob webs of last year,

Clear the way,

Ready to run,

Ready to race,

Into the change which we seek.

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Painting with words




 new worlds,

Drawing new adventures,

Like a child,

I’m playing on paper,

Messy grey scribbles,

Each line becomes a colour,

in the great tapestry of imagination,

I am the god,

The creator,

The destroyer,

The artist.

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