Behind the smiles and laughter

Them with smiles
And then with smiles
With laughter
With joy
And those with smiles
With sadness
With grief
With abandonment
With loss
With chirpy buzzwords
With psychobabble
And them with smiles
With anger
With pain
With remembrance
With hollow regret
With unexpressed feelings
With indiscrete misery
With cracks of truth

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Life and Death

With the ups and downs of life and a recent death in the family, the last few weeks have been a little turbulent. Though I’ve expressed lots of what I have been feeling in my art, I’ve decided to stop neglecting my pen and express them in my favourite medium. I have written a few more cinquains and a few poems which I’ll post throughout the week. I hope that you enjoy!

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Coffee shop time
Warm, busy
Talking, typing, eating
A safe place of comfort


Friday Morning
Dizzy, static
Suffocating, dreaming, burning
An unexpected awakening


Abrupt Endings
Heat, coldness
Drowning, ignoring, drifting
Some time to reflect

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A few reflective cinquains

A few cinquains about modern life. They’re not my usual style, but I thought I might try something a bit different and they’re pretty short and sweet, so perfect for reflecting on life and observations whilst on the move.



Tidy, safe

Engulfing, trapping, stunting

A clean prison to live out your days



The Commute


Untameable, wild

singing, playing, dancing

An upturned umbrella on the pavement



The 5am stumble


Early, cold

Calling, splashing, whistling

Walking home after dancing







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The End of the Holiday

Golden light sprinkles on the apple tree

Raindrops still fall,
And collard doves still call,
Winter plays on,
The decorations drop down,
The hum of laughter,
Flows out,
The festive melodies,
Drown out,
The wind blows away seasonal cheer,
Resolutions are set,
And the order reset,
To begin a new year.

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Taking small steps towards change

A Careful Inch

An inch,
We’ve moved an inch,
Better than standing still,
Better than spinning in circles,
A tentative, timid inch,
We’ve proved that we can walk,
We’ve shown ourselves,
Convinced ourselves,
That one day we could learn to fly,
Because we’ve moved an inch,
Which is better than standing still,
Better than those dizzying circles,
A tentative, timid inch.

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