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A few reflective cinquains

A few cinquains about modern life. They’re not my usual style, but I thought I might try something a bit different and they’re pretty short and sweet, so perfect for reflecting on life and observations whilst on the move. Panic … Continue reading

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Adapting to new waters

The art of breeding perfection Adaptation, To survive we adapt, We twirl into new forms, To withstand the wind, To bounce with the buoyancy of life, Sometimes it’s painful, Shifting, The energy required to morph into these shapes, Sometimes it … Continue reading

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O to be a ‘real’ adult

Today I’m posting a short poem from a writer I came across a few months ago in a library poetry book. I feel it sums up the transition from early twenties to late twenties. I identify with it and so I … Continue reading

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The Myth of Aging

The myth of aging Still captured by the fire, Still as sparked into flights of fancy, Still as absorbed by the transcendental, I was once an infant, I’m now in the land of adults, But not much has changed, Just … Continue reading

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You had me at…

This week marks the beginning of my last academic year and so I’ve been reflecting on the events and experiences of the last few years since I graduated from my undergrad. Even as a writer I find it hard to … Continue reading

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